Can you have Medicare supplement plans and advantage plans?

What are Medicare Advantage plans? Medicare Advantage Plans, also called “Part C”, cover all Medicare services but often add Coverage hearing, medical prescriptions, nursing services, dental plan and gym memberships without paying an additional premium, you get insurance coverage from Hospital (part A) and health insurance.

They are offered by Medicare-approved private companies. Many people prefer this type of plan because it is more beneficial and of lower cost.

Is it possible to have Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans?

aarp medicare supplement plan fMedicare Supplement Plans do not work concomitantly with Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C), you cannot be in both plans, if you own a Medicare supplement plan policy and enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, immediately you must suspend your affiliation to Medigap; in addition, it is not possible to have both to pay the copayments, deductible etc. of Medicare Advantage Plan with Medigap.

You should consider that if you dissociate from the Medicare Advantage plan you cannot return to the same policy or some Medigap policies and it would be illegal to be offered Unless you are returning to original Medicare.

Medicare Advantage in 2019 offer prescription drug coverage (Part D) if you want the prescription drug benefits in Addition to original Medicare you should hire additionally a Medicare prescription drug plan. To find AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F visit

There is mobility between the two plans?

If you initially before joining Medicare Advantage, had a Medicare supplement plans, you may obtain the same or other similar policy, certainly, this policy cannot have prescription drug coverage even you were having it previously, but it is possible to enroll to the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (part D), otherwise if you join a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time and fail to meet your expectations, you are covered by federal law to purchase a Medigap policy since this return to original Medicare is within 12 Months after enrollment.

For people over 65 years of age, to choose which is the most favorable plan for health coverage, and to prevent incurring unnecessary expenses and loss of time, that could have been avoided making an informed decision for your life. Earlier to making some changes in your plan you have to make a point that the plan is available in your state, and the price is fair to you, just at that moment you can do the change in your plan.