The Division of Student Affairs is involved in all aspects of student life and welfare on the campus. The Division applies a holistic approach to student development. Through its various departments, the Division implements a comprehensive program combining moral, ethical, social, intellectual, and spiritual growth. The Division of Student Affairs is also responsible for establishing policies and procedures affecting student life and conduct.







The Saint Paul’s College student union, named after a prominent alumnus, is an integral part of the educational and co-curricular agenda of Saint Paul’s.  The Center is not only a building but also the central focus of college community life serving as the “social hub” of the campus. The Center and its programs, both formal and informal, serve as a laboratory outside of the classroom for students to transform recreation and leisure time into informal learning experiences, increase cultural awareness and appreciation, enjoy the harmonious atmosphere and camaraderie among fellow students, faculty, staff, and community.

The Center provides a broad range of social, educational, and individualized interest activities, such as a bowling alley, ping pong, billiards, video games, receptions, banquets, conference meeting rooms for clubs, organizations, sororities, and fraternities. As an international community, the Center also provides students a diverse experience through the celebration of multi-cultural events. Information on rules and regulations pertaining to scheduling, financing, and supervising activities may be obtained from the Office of Student Affairs.

The Center includes a commuter lounge for off-campus commuter students;   lockers, computer terminals, study areas as well as comfortable sofas and chairs for relaxation between classes.





Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) of the College is the premier student organization on campus. It is the hub of student governance for all officially recognized student organizations.  Operating under the authorities vested in it through its Constitution and Bylaws, it has the unique responsibility to hold annual campus-wide elections, facilitate student-sponsored activities, and regulate and sanction all student organizations.   Through its president and other elected and/or appointed officers it works consistently and cooperatively with its advisor, the faculty, staff, and administration.  It has permanent membership on the Student Affairs Disciplinary Board.  Administratively, the Association is a key component of the Division of Student Affairs.    The SGA’s primary purposes are derived from the Saint Paul’s College Statement of Purpose, and as such, SGA is committed to fostering an atmosphere of genuine concern and support for the rich heritage and bright future of Saint Paul’s College.   Among its many purposes SGA prioritizes the following purposes and further commits itself to:

  • serve as the official voice of the student body;
  • enable students to exercise self-government through the democratic processes;
  •  foster communication between all members of the Saint Paul’s family
  •  provide a channel for student participation in College affairs;
  •  foster a spirit of unity, understanding, and cooperation between all student organizations; and
  •  cultivate a spirit of loyalty to Saint Paul’s College among students, alumni, faculty, staff, and administration.


Clubs & Organizations

Student clubs and organizations offer the challenges and opportunities for personal development and campus involvement.  Members and leaders can gain interpersonal and communication abilities, confidence, and a sense of direction.  In order to enrich and enhance these opportunities, various leadership experiences are offered to teach students the skills of goal setting, team building, resource management, program planning and implementation, decision making, problem solving, and evaluation.


All student organizations must officially register with the College through the Office of Student Affairs, have a faculty advisor, and maintain moral, financial, and social accountability.  A list of clubs and organizations and officers is available in the Office of Student Affairs. Among the array of active organizations are Pre-Alumni Council, NAACP, Poetry Club, Sunday School, Best Buddies, Virginia Highway Safety, and Honda Campus All-Star Challenge.  There are eight national Greek–letter fraternities and sororities recognized on campus:


Greek Council

The Greek Council, an umbrella organization to all Greek letter organizations, has the primary purposes of:

  • fostering a cooperative relationship among all Greek-Letter fraternities, sororities, SGA, and the College administration;
  •  fostering a cooperative relationship among all Greek-Letter fraternities and sororities; and
  •  coordinating a variety of Greek-Letter organizations’ activities.



Greek Organizations:

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

Kappa Alpha Psi

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority

Phi Beta Sigma

Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

Omega Psi Phi


 Student VEA (NEA)

The student chapter of the Virginia Education Association is an affiliate of the National Education Association.  All Department of Education students are eligible for membership and encouraged to participate in VEA activities.  The purposes of VEA Is to acquaint students with  the history, ethics, and program of the education profession; give practical experiences in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the profession; and promote education as a career.


Phi Beta Lambda

Phi Beta Lambda is the national organization for all students in post-secondary schools and colleges enrolled in business, office, or teacher education programs. The purpose of the organization is to “…provide opportunities for post secondary and college students to develop vocational competencies for business and office occupations and business teacher education. Phi Beta Lambda is an integral part of the instructional program, and in addition promotes a sense of civic and personal responsibility.”


The Science and Mathematics Club

The purposes of this Club is to provide incentives to students and cultivate a strong interest in science, mathematics and high technology; to develop, maintain and coordinate programs to meet the needs of the students and the community at large; to encourage improvement in scholarships and citizenship; to promote college loyalty; to provide improvement of the channels of communications between the administrators, faculty and students; and to provide training for students in effective leadership.  Membership in this Club is open to all students regardless of their majors.


Intramurals and Campus Recreation

Through the Division of Student Affairs a diverse program of intramural sports is promoted. All registered students are eligible to participate in these activities. Some of these activities are:  aerobic fitness classes, a Walk Program for students, faculty, and staff who like to walk for exercise.  Weekly tournaments are conducted for the following activities:  flag football, bowling, 3-on-3 basketball, volleyball, billiards, ping pong, spades (cards), tennis doubles, foul shooting, and dual superstars.  The weight room, outdoor basketball courts, gym and tennis courts are open for “free” play/recreation during specified times.  Students may check out equipment with their college ID card.