The Single Parent Support System Program


Single Parent Support System Program (SPSS)

 Initiated in 1987, the Single Parent Support System (SPSS) is a unique on-campus residential educational program specifically designed for single parents with two or fewer children between the ages of two months to nine years old. The SPSS requires students to attend the College year round on a full-time basis and maintain a projected graduation progression of three to four years. In addition to meeting the same admission and academic requirements as traditional students, SPSS participants must also maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. each year. Participants are responsible for their tuition and may be eligible for financial aid and other sources of financial assistance. A significant aspect of the SPSS is a faculty mentoring system that assists participants with choosing a major. High caliber tutorial assistance and counseling services are available on a need basis. Specifically designed seminars are provided that focus on academic success, transition to college, career planning, and parenting. Developmentally appropriate child care is provided that is geared for social and academic development.

To apply to the Single Parent Support System Program, please fill out the attached documents below and mail them to:

Saint Paul’s College Single Parent Support System

115 College Dr.

Lawrenceville, VA 23868

Apply to the Single Parent Support System Program

Single Parent Support System Program Health History

Single Parent Support System Program Questionnaire


The Child Development Center at Saint Paul’s College provides meaningful social and educational programs for students, staff and faculty.¬† It primarily offers child care services for the Saint Paul’s College and Lawrenceville communities, and serves as a clinical site for teacher education candidates.