Mission of The College

Saint Paul’s College, a private, church-related, coeducational institution with a Christian heritage, sustains an environment that emphasizes integrity, objectivity, resourcefulness, scholarship, and responsible citizenship.

Its liberal arts, professional and pre-professional programs prepare students for careers and graduate studies in Humanities, Social Sciences, Education, Business, Mathematics, and Natural Sciences.

Accordingly, the purpose of Saint Paul’s College is to provide an academic environment that promotes the vision of the founder to educate all students, especially the underserved, with educational, cultural, spiritual, and life-long learning experiences that will enable them to lead in a technological and global society.

Beyond providing the best possible learning environment for students, the College offers a wide range of activities designed to anticipate and to fulfill the intellectual, cultural and social needs of its community.  The initiatives are advanced through formal classroom and laboratory experiences, on and off campus work-study and continuing education programs, internships, service learning, special projects, faculty-student research, community-oriented seminars, and through the contributions of its alumni.

The College is committed to innovative approaches in the teaching-learning setting that expand the educational horizon for all students and to program flexibility serving their diverse needs.  In a cooperative quest to meet the demand for an ever-growing variety of complex technological skills, faculty and students are encouraged to experiment, explore, and develop new approaches to learning that will result in the acquisition of knowledge and the discovery of truth.

The academic and student services programs are designed to affirm the College’s belief in the infinite worth of each student as a human being and in the belief that the development of the whole person is imperative.

To these ends, the total resources of the College are committed to the development of students who will be equipped to live effectively in a global society.

Saint Paul’s College admits persons without regard to nationality, ethnic origin, sex or religious affiliation.


[Approved by the Board of Trustees Minutes, February 14, 2009.]