Teach-Out Update For Students

Teach-out Update for Students
Saint Paul’s College has submitted for SACS approval teach-out agreements to allow qualified students who could not complete their Saint Paul’s College degree by June 30, 2013 to complete their degrees at Norfolk State University, Virginia Union University, and Virginia State University. Teach-out agreements provide students with the option of completing the same or a similar major program of study in the same amount of time as they would have at Saint Paul’s College. Former Saint Paul’s College students who are interested in transferring to one of these institutions under a teach-out agreement are asked to contact the following individuals:
Ms. Lakeisha Mayes, Director of Admissions
Norfolk State University
757-823-9222; lemayes@nsu.edu
Mr. Lee Young, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Virginia Union University
804-257-5875; ldyoung@vuu.edu
Ms. Vera Abbott-Young, University College Academic Advisor
Virginia State University
804-524-1479; vabbott-young@vsu.edu
It is important to remember that you are not required to transfer to one of these institutions–your educational future is yours to decide. Also, please be aware that the agreements may include deadlines and other limitations. Please contact each institution for details.

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